Research and Development

Research and development is one of the core focus areas at Pristine Technologies and Industries. To be on the top and keep adding value to its customers, any company has to keep innovating. Our Research and Development team keeps striving to enhance the properties of our products and bring down the cost of production on a continual basis.

As a result of our efforts we have developed rubberized cork products which have very high Oil resistance and can also sustain extreme temperature range from -40 deg C to + 120 deg C in field conditions.

Our products also have a much improved field performance taking into consideration the effect of UV light and Ozone and can assure very high service life.

We have a big range of material testing equipments in our R&D centre, an indicative list is as follows:

  • IRHD tester
  • Digital Tensile testing machine
  • Digital Elongation tester
  • Compressibility and recovery test machine
  • Compression set test apparatus
  • Digital Hot air over upto 250 deg C
  • Digital Muffle furnace upto 1200 Deg C
  • Flexing test equipment
  • Specific gravity and thickness test setup
  • Desiccators and other chemical testing equipements.