Pristine Technologies and Industries (Unit of Balasaria Agencies Pvt. Ltd.) manufacturers its products under the registered brand name of VinCork ®. VinCork® products finds application in various industries, namely, Electrical Power and Distribution transformers, Automobile manufacturing, Ship Building, Railways and others where flat flange gasketing is required.

VinCork® Rubberised Cork sheets

VinCork® Rubberised Cork sheets are the core product of the company which is made by combining the resilience of virgin rubber with spring back action of cork granules. Low side flow on compression, excellent recovery and high resistance to various liquids and gases is what makes it THE PERFECT product for flat flange gasketing.

Some of its key features are :

  • Available in standard sheet size of 1000 mm x 1000 mm, 900 mm x 900 mm and 900mm x 600 mm.
  • Thickness available in any value from 1.00 mm to 25.00 mm.
  • Grain size of Cork : 0.5/1.0 mm and 1.00/2.00 mm.
  • Base colour offered : Natural Brown or Black.
  • Various grades available as per different applications. Some of the standard grades based on IS 4253 Part2:2008 are VinCork C01, VinCork C02, VinCork B01 and VinCork A01.

VinCork® Rubberised cork Washers

VinCork® Rubberised cork Washers are obtained from die punching the VinCork® rubberized cork sheets into various forms and sizes as per customer design. Its usage saves time, material wastage and labour of consumers as it is available in pre-packed kit form.

VinCork® Rubberised cork Strips

VinCork® Rubberised cork Strips are majorly used in flanges of Power and Distribution transformer tanks. Its usage reduces wastage and cutting costs compared to sheets. They come In continuous rolls of 20 meters and in varying widths and thickness as per customer requirement.

VinCork® Rubberised cork Frames

VinCork® Rubberised cork Frames are pre-fabricated gaskets for different applications in Electrical transformers and automotive industry. They are available in both joint and non-joint types. Generally popular shapes include rectangular, elliptical, circular and likewise. They come in tailor made sizes as per customer drawings and specifications.

Pristine rubber washers and seals

Pristine rubber washers and seals are manufactured by moulding of virgin rubber into various shapes and sizes. We take up only mass production items in this product range and can use various polymers like Nitrile (NBR), Styrene-Butadiene rubber (SBR), Natural Rubber, Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone rubber and Viton rubber etc as per customer and application requirement. This product range finds application is automotive industry, Public works department, Irrigation systems, capital goods industry and many more.

Pristine extruded hoses, cords and profiles

Pristine extruded hoses, cords and profiles

  • Our hose pipes are suitable for both general applications as well as carrying specific fuels and gases.
  • Cords are used in groove gasketing applications of various big industrial equipments. They are available in different cross sections and sizes of circular, elliptical, square and rectangular etc.
  • Our extruded profiles are used in windows, glass panels, LED lights, automotive industry and likewise. They are generally made of EPDM rubber and have very high resistance to ultraviolet light and atmospheric ozone. The design and size of the profile can be made as per customer design.