Pristine Paper Components

Pristine Paper Components Electrical grade insulating papers are used in various parts of electrical power & distribution transformers . They are used for conductor covering , interlayer application ,lead out covering etc .

We offer the following papers in slitted form of pads :

1. Insulating Crepe Paper : Our insulating crepe paper has one of the highest break down voltage (BDV) and lowest conductivity making it most suitable for use in critical applications.

  • Thickness : 2.0 mil , 3.0 mil & 5.0 mil
  • Width : 16 mm upwards
  • Stretch Ratio : 100%
  • Our Insulating Crepe Paper confirms to IEC60554-3-3 Type 3.2 specifications.

2. Epoxy Diamond Dotted Paper(Double Side) : It is made from insulating press paper, partially coated with epoxy resins on both sides and dried . It facilitates firm bonding with conductor, sufficient to prevent displacement of winding layers due to short circuit.The advantage lies in internal strengthening of coil due to adhesion to conductor providing passage for quick evacuation to air and moisture there by minimizing the risk of partial discharge.

  • Thickness : 3.0 mil , 4.0 mil & 5.0 mil
  • Width : 40 mm upwards
  • Our Epoxy Diamond Dotted Paper confirms to IEC60554-3-5 class 5B2 H1 specifications.

3. Insulating Kraft Paper : One of the prime insulating material used for covering conductors.Its high purity , mechanical and di - electric strength is most appropriate in Double Paper Covering ( DPC ) and inter layer application in transformer designs.

  • Thickness : 2.0 mil , 2.5 mil , 3.0 mil , 4.0 mil & 5.0 mil
  • Width : As per customer requirement.
  • Our Insulating Kraft Paper conforms to IEC60554-3-5 class 5B2 H1 specifications.

4. Insulating Pressphan Paper : It is characterized by natural brown colour,high purity,medium, density and very high oil absorption enabling its usage as interlayer insulation in transformer, motor and capacitor applications.

  • Thickness : 10 mil & 20 mil
  • Width : 40 mm upwards
  • Our Insulating Pressphan Paper have been tested as per IEC 60641-2 guidelines.

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