Pristine Press Board Components

Pristine Technologies & Industries (Unit of Balasaria Agencies Pvt Ltd.) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company engaged in manufacturing of Electrical Grade Insulating Pre Compressed. Press Board Components & Paper Components along with Rubberised Cork Sheets & Components. It is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Established in 2010, PTI has been a leading manufacturer of Rubberized Cork Sheets and Components for the electrical transformer industry catering to both domestic as well as export markets & distribution as well as power transformer manufacturers. The company is approved by PGCIL & BHEL also. Manufacturing of PCB & Insulating Paper Components commenced in the year 2018 with exclusive use of ABB India Ltd (Raman Boards) materials.

Our innovation team continously strives for improvement in quality and manufacturing at various levels. Remaining competitive in the market and providing best quality material is our goal.

Our key product offerings in insulation segment are :

  • Sigmacom 3.1 machined & milled components like spacers, oil ducts, strips, rings/washers, blocks, yoke barriers, phase barriers etc.
  • Sigmacom 33 machined components like above.
  • Insulating Crepe Paper from 2 mil to 5 mil thickness in width as desired by the customers.
  • Insulating Epoxy Diamond Dotted Paper from 3 mil to 5 mil thickness in width from 40 mm upwards.
  • Insulating Kraft Paper from 2 mil to 5 mil thickness in width as desired by the customers.
  • Insulating Pressphan Paper in 10 mil & 20 mil thickness in width from 40 mm upwards.

Pristine Machine Press Board Components Machine components are insulation used in oil filled power & distribution transformers. They come in various forms like spacers, strips, ducts, rings, phase barriers, yokes etc.

Pristine Technologies & Industries manufactures them using two kind of press boards of ABB India Ltd - ' Raman Boards ' make :

  • Sigmacom 3.1 : Recommended for transformer ratings from 33 KV to 220 KV class.
  • Sigmacom 33 : Recommended for transformer ratings of 11 KV & 33 KV class.

Our Insulating PCB Components confirms to IEC 60641-3-1 B.3.1 A specifications

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