Purchasing the best synthetic cork sheets for electrical purposes

The combination of nature and technology has given us synthetic cork sheets for commercial and industrial purposes. The moulding rubber corks are blended with quality gasket materials to offer the best tensile strength and hardness. Mouldable rubber used by us saves labour and time for the end clients.

Synthetic cork sheets are the most versatile form of all cork products. It is important to buy synthetic cork sheets from reliable and reputed manufacturers. There are several industry players selling different types of cork sheets. Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can choose the right supplier for cork sheets. Pristine Tech sells high quality rubber cork sheets and other rubberized materials for several different purposes. Synthetic rubber sheets are used in transformers and switchgears also. Automobile and electrical industry makes use of such sheets on a regular basis.

Mouldable rubber sheets manufactured by our company are widely used for electrical purposes. Using the latest tools and technologies, we manufacture world class moulding rubber that is temperature and high pressure resistant. It possesses all the major properties of a good rubber as they do not swell very easily. As they possess high tensile strength, they can also be used as a sealant for engine heads.

If you’re looking for economically sealing material, rubberized cork sheets can be the best choice. Our products are highly flexible and produce high quality cork sheets to be used for insulation. When combined with binding materials, moulding rubber can be rolled into sheets and can be used for various industrial applications. Pristine Tech fabricates custom cork sheets also to match the exact customers’ requirements. The synthetic cork sheets we supply are available in different sizes and variations. You can pick the right one matching your exact needs.

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