How to cut gaskets if you are buying Rubber cork sheets?

This question is important because we often find that leakage in transformers happens when gaskets are not cut properly leading to a lot of monetary loss to transformer manufacturers.

The following should be kept in mind while cutting gaskets:

  • Use a good quality cutter or die to cut the desired shape.
  • Make sure that the cutter or die is dimensionally within the required tolerance level.
  • The cutter or die should not be rusted. Any rust on the die might contaminate the gasket which will eventually seep into the oil.
  • Do not cut the gasket by hammering it against a flange.
  • Cut the bolting holes slightly larger than the size of the bolts to ensure proper seating

Ideally, the cutting of the gasket should be left to the gasket manufacturer and tailored sizes should be procured.

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